Even as a kid, I would massage people’s backs and was told I was a natural with strong hands. After high school, massage school called to me and I was fascinated with the body and how it worked.

There I had a short introduction to Chinese medicine which later blossomed at Bastyr University where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Health Science and my Masters Degree in Acupuncture.

I cherish my time at Bastyr, with a health conscious community. As well as a blend of western and eastern medicine, I also learned a great deal about spirit, energy, and plants.

I worked in the garden as the TCM garden coordinator and cared for the Chinese herbs on campus. After graduation I did a couple acupuncture internships in China and returned to finish my herbal studies before the universe led me to a magical place known as Chelan, WA.

There are many healers and spiritual guides here that I am fortunate to call friends and colleagues. I use the knowledge I’ve obtained about the physical body and its energies united with my intuition and allowing myself to become a channel of healing starlight to¬†help people alleviate pain, raise their vibrations, and find peace and balance within themselves.

The Light within Me, beholds the Light within You.